The lifespan of A Horse

lifespan of horse

The lifespan of a horse can vary depending on many factors. “Horses used for racing usually have a much shorter life span than horses used for other purposes.” As with most domesticated animals, horses tend to have increased life expectancies compared to those living in the wild, but their life span is often shorter than …

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Rules for Group Trail Riding:

Trail Riding

Trail riding is fun for horses and riders when the ride goes well. It becomes much less enjoyable if something goes wrong. Many things can go wrong when several riders are together on trails, but there are some basic rules for trail riding that will help prevent mishaps. Tackling Trail Obstacles in a Group When …

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Reasons for using Horse Blinders

Horse Blinders

What Are Blinders? Horse blinders are the equipment used to protect the horse’s sight from seeing to the sides so that horse cannot see or be distracted and can run with the focus where the jockey will guide that horse to move straight or right or right, left and so on. Blinders are today’s horse-racing …

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Arabian horses: What Are They Utilized For?

Arabian horses

In modern times, Arabian horses are also found as show horses. In some countries, Arabian horses are also known as “Arabians,” a term that developed after the formation of the U.S.-based registry in order to differentiate them from other breeds with “Arabian” in their name. Arabians are a light equine type with slim bones, yet …

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Top 10 racehorses of all time


In today’s blog post, we shall discuss the top racehorses of all time. Below is our list of top 10 racehorses of all time Secretariat Country: United States Sex: Stallion Colour: Chestnut Trainer: Lucien Laurin Earnings: 1.3 Million Dollars Secretariat was an American champion horse that won the Triple Crown in 1973. He is still …

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